Sunday, January 31, 2016

Early Morning Thoughts

I was sitting out in the lanai this morning, sipping my coffee and watching the furkids play in the back yard. Most of the grass has been beaten down in that area. Dusty brown sugar sand showing through. There are a few holes here & there, where the youngest two like to dig. Every few days I go out and kick the sandy dirt back in. Our back yard will never be in an issue of Better Homes & Gardens. LOL! On the contrary, it looks like a doggie day care/bomb site. The random holes, ragged stuffed animals, slobbered-on balls scattered about. It may look like a disaster to some, but to me - it is the sign of some happy dogs.

I brought my attention back to The Book in my hands. Reading from scriptures as I try to do daily. Proverbs 1 and the Sermon on the Mount were today's reading. Words of comfort from the Creator never fail to lift my spirit. It's far too easy to be dragged down in this world we live in today. So many bad things happening, cruelty being inflicted on others... I find that I need to remind myself what He intended it to be like. And it isn't this.

Newt, the tomcat that I bottle raised, begins caterwauling. He's noticed me and decides it's time for breakfast. As I pour the dry food into the bowls, he's soon joined by Hagatha & Chewy (2 that we got from a rescue when they were babies) and a striped stray cat that comes by to partake every morning. The bobtail cat that had been showing up hasn't been around in awhile. I hope nothing has happened to him. The life of strays can be rough.

Back indoors, I got online for a bit. I've been feeling more & more discouraged with it lately. Constant bad news, more stories of people's cruelty to one another. To animals. I don't understand the inclination to deliberately be mean. Why? What do they possibly get from it? And then there are those who never seem satisfied with their lot in life. Never happy. They complain constantly. I skim through the headlines, the news feed and find myself ready to shut it off. Maybe it's time to sort through my connections again, and rid myself of some. The ones that provoke, demean and sadden.

None of us are perfect. Especially me. Goodness knows that I've fallen victim to pity parties myself now and again. But for the most part, I stay positive. I appreciate the people & things in my life. The blessings that I have been given. EVERY DAY is a gift! I don't understand how some people can just overlook that and complain all the time. Instead of waking up and finding fault everywhere, I choose to find happiness. Looking for the bright side. Feeling thankful for being given another day - which is something some people aren't fortunate enough to have.

If we could all just be better to each other......

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