Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Checking In

 Good morning! It's been a busy couple of days. Monday, I was doing some biblical research about a few questions that I had. As usual, one thing leads to another and I got lost in the Good Book for hours! Then I picked up Nicolae and became engrossed in that. Reading until the end so that I could start the next in the series, Soul Harvest. Put a good book in front of me, and I can lose a whole day.

Yesterday, hubs was off work. So we made it a vet day. Woodrow (our Aussie) was due for a heartworm check. We took him in so they could get a swab, then waited the 20 minutes for the results (negative) and to purchase his & Pedro's monthly pills. A quick FYI - Trifexis. It prevents heartworm, and a host of others. Also works as a flea control. (AMAZINGLY so!) It's expensive-ish, but if you have dogs, so worth it.

We dropped Woodrow at home, then went out and had a nice lunch at Ocean's Buffet. We hadn't been out to eat there in ages, so that was really nice. A weird thing - since getting my gallbladder removed, my taste in food has changed. Some things that I used to like, just don't sound good anymore. And I have become addicted to salad! Everyday I prepare this big bowl of super-salad magnificence and feel like I've won the jackpot. LOL! Lettuce, shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, onions strips, shredded cheese..... it's so yummy!

ANYway. After lunch we went back home to pick up Bindi (toy Aussie) & Bear (mini Aussie) for their appointments. We got them around Christmas from a questionable situation and wanted to make sure that they have whatever vaccinations they needed just in case puppy shots weren't given. Bindi is a regular little lady and quite well behaved. She laid by our feet in the waiting room and was content. Bear is more of a goofy kid. He paced. He jumped in the chair beside us, then climbed on our laps. Then back in the floor again. He has ADHD I think. He barked at every person that walked in the door - not in a mean way, more as a greeting.

Finally we were called to the back. The tech stopped us at the scale in the hallway. Bindi stood and was weighed. Bear didn't want on the scale, then when we put him on it, he flopped around like a drunken goose. She finally got a weight on him, thank goodness, and we went to our room. The tech and her assistant "ooed and ahhed" over the pups for a good 10 minutes. Saying what beauties they are.

Both stood for their exams and did well with the injections. No jumping around or yelping. Bear has an itchy spot on his rump where the hair is thin. They lead him down the hall to go take a skin scrape, just to make sure it isn't an allergy of some kind. Within seconds of him being led off down the hall, he comes galloping back, nudges open the door while at full speed and crashes into my legs. "Hi, Mom! They tried to dognap me, but I escaped." The sheepish looking tech came in seconds later, leash and collar in hand. Apparently he slipped out. LOL

Take two - tighter collar, back down the hall. Within seconds, I see the tech carrying him past us, in search of her assistant. Bear wanted to come back to us so badly, that he wouldn't stand still for her long enough to get a skin sample. Someone had to hold him. When it was over, they just let him go, and he came galloping down the hall like the big goofball he is, and ran into my arms.

Two hours and a few hundred later, both kids have their vaccinations up to date, physical exams and pills for the month. Bindi is still being polite and calm. Bear is READY TO GET OUTTA THERE. He led me to the front door and insisted we exit, even while hubs was still paying. Then he led me to the car where we just had to get in. Meanwhile, Bindi is coming along with us, content with whatever.

It was quite a day. LOL

Back home, I curled up in my recliner to relax and read a bit. That's when this verse hit me -

"Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son." ~John 3:18
It just doesn't get much simpler than that, does it?


Anonymous said...

Love hearing about the dogs! They are too funny. Sometimes I wish we had more than one pup but then I remember that I have kids!

Dee said...

Thanks, we sure get a lot of enjoyment out of our gang. They keep us laughing. We definitely wouldn't have this herd if we had kids at home!

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