Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day

The songbirds are in full symphony here. I have the windows thrown open, to take advantage of the cool morning air, and the birds are providing wonderful serenades. Elsewhere, people are concerned with that chubby groundhog and whether he sees his shadow. Desperate to determine if there will be 6 more weeks of winter. I sure don't miss the snow & cold up north....

The past couple of days have been fairly quiet around here. My "bad" knee has been causing me some grief. To the point of waking me from a sound sleep. I ice it, use a wrap and take anti-inflammatories as needed. At some point, I might need to see an ortho about it. Not yet. For now, I am dealing because I'm afraid that yet another surgery would be scheduled. I have RA. I know that my joints will likely wear out sooner than other people's. (not to mention my organs) But for now, I will go as long as I can. {Don't tell my doctor} :)

Part of this morning's reading was from Proverbs 2. A good deal of it focuses on wisdom. Learning what we need to know. 2:10 points out that "wisdom enters your heart and is pleasant to your soul". I like that! In today's world, it is often hard to find things that are pleasant to the soul. But knowledge; of what is right and good - that is pleasant indeed. We don't have to question or be concerned with others opinions..... we know.

It's funny, I didn't like school. The rigid structured-ness of it. But I love to learn. I read almost non-stop. Watch educational programs. Have a million questions for people who are more knowledgeable on certain subjects. I really think school systems need to accept that there are people who learn differently than others. That the rigidness is not always the best route to take, as a means to an end. But, that is another blog post altogether......

The wildlife rehab that I volunteer at has recently had some bats brought in. Yes, bats. Like opossums, these tiny creatures often get a bad rap and are so misunderstood. Not only do they keep the (annoying) insect population in check, some of them help pollinate and even plant new trees (seed "droppings"). They generally avoid people & aren't often seen as they are nocturnal. But the good they do in the world is unimaginable! Be kind to them when your paths cross.

I'm off to the store. I hope the groundhog doesn't let you down. Have a great Tuesday!


Momma Fargo said...

So happy to see you writing again! Joy! Rejoice!

Rae Frazier said...

Love every single word! Keep posting! Love ya

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