Saturday, February 6, 2016

Late Post

This morning, I went out to the wildlife rehab center where I volunteer. I really enjoy helping out there. The animals are well taken care, the place is spotless and every animal that can be released back into the wild, is. From week to week, I never know 'who' I will find waiting for me when I go in. Deer, turkey, racoon, opossum, squirrels, herons, bluebirds, hawks, owls.... whatever is in need of help. Despite the large population and general craziness of trying to get everything done in a timely manner, it truly is relaxing. Being around the animals feeds a part of my soul that nothing else can.

I work with the wildlife, but there are also hundreds of domestic animals who live there. All rescues from abuse, neglect or owners no longer able to care for them. Horses, donkeys, goats, emu, ducks, geese, pigs, parrots, ferrets, dogs, cats, guinea pigs.... the list goes on. Everywhere you look. It's an animal lover's paradise.

Volunteering brings a lot of satisfaction & joy. I would urge everyone to find something that you are passionate about, and give your time. Even if it's only one day a week. It can help out so much and makes you feel good about yourself. There is nothing quite like doing for others, and expecting nothing in return. Take your children to volunteer. Start them young so they will know the importance of helping out.

Back home, it started to rain. I was going to fill bird feeders. I was going to start some laundry. But instead, I grabbed a bite to eat. After having lunch, I finished an online Bible study that I'd been taking part in. I missed the video conference, but was able to check in via messages. There is another one starting soon, but I'm not sure if I will take part in it. Right now, I'm all involved in rereading the Left Behind series. Which I really, really like - this is my 4th reading of them! LOL I can't say enough good things about the Left Behind books. The movie doesn't even come close.

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday - for those of you who care. I don't. Hubs really doesn't too much either. He makes this fabulous nacho cheese dip just because it's tradition. Otherwise, it will pass pretty much like any other Sunday. Doing some laundry and just hanging around the house. If you're celebrating - enjoy!

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